An insight into the creative process of the world famous designer
1000 colour illustrations, 100 black and white illustrations

Autor:: Bruce Mau
edited by Kyo Maclear with Bart Testa

"more manifesto than monograph, Life Style is the first book to document Bruce Mau’s creative process and studio practice. Conceived and designed by the Bruce Mau Design studio, the book is a singular album of playful and critical statements about today’s visual and cultural trends. This collection of Mau’s essays, observations, anecdotes and project documentation embodies his unique worldview and his belief that form and content are inseparable. The book’s layout echoes his conviction that design is more than an end in and of itself: it is “not separated or segregated from life but instead is integrated with other messy flows. It engages directly with the world.” 

"Life Style" books are published in eight different colors.

País de Edição:: Reino Unido| Local de Edição:: Londres
Editora:: Phaidon Press | Ano de edição:: 2001 | Idioma:: EN
Dimensões:: 24,5 x 21 cm| Encadernação:: Capa dura| Páginas:: 624

| Bom estado de conservação |
| PREÇO :: 35,00€ |

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